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My Music 

 I’ve been playing in bands since the 5th grade, which is more than a couple of years. I have been in some really good bands but I must say my current group is really hot. They are great musicians and great people. Find out more ….


  My Art
My father was a painter, film maker and graphic artist. I guess I just kind of fell into the visual arts while attending the U. of Oregon. I took a break from college in 1972 to apprentice at F & G Stained Glass in Salem, OR. I have been doing glass art ever since. In 1981, I got in on the ground floor of the current Kiln Formed Glass movement. I still attend drawing classes and I love taking photos. More on my art…..


My Writing


I once had a high school English teacher tell me “Your essay on Edgar Allan Poe is insightful, but your spelling would have terrified even Poe himself.” Somehow I just knew it was just a matter of time before they invented a spelling machine so I wasn’t that concerned. Little did I realize that writing skills were something that I could actually use? In 1986 I wrote The Fused Glass Handbook and I have been writing about fused glass ever since. I started a web site called www.FuseNews.Net in 2006 as a clearing house for my thoughts on glass, check it out…. 


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